The company has good experience in large and small projects, which requires the presence of a cadre of experienced and highly qualified, where the company has an engineering and technical cadre with long experience and high efficiency Aamida Company for General Contracting Ltd. employs the most talented and competent staff in Libya who have direct knowledge and experience in Their field of specialization whether they are engineers of different specialties or technicians in various fields in electricity, mechanics, carpentry, decoration works, facade cladding and finish works.


The company has an integrated cadre of engineers, consultants and technicians with experience and competence and are divided into the following :

– Authorized Director

– Executive manager

– Consultants number

– Engineers : Architectural number (2) , Civil number (3) , Electricity number (2) , Mechanical number (2)

– Accountant number (2)

– IT Programmer number (1)

– Surveyors number (3)

– Carpenters number (6)

– Technicians : Electricity number (4)

– Mechanical number (4)

– Decoration works number (6)

– Business observers number (3)

– Storekeeper number (4)

– Security guards number (8)

– Drivers of vehicles number (20)


The company has proven its administrative, technical and financial ability to end all the projects entrusted to it in a timely manner and effectively and high quality, which strengthened its ability to compete in its field to become a leading company at the national level.