services in construction works

Al Amida Company ensures that the project is committed to all standards and specifications and delivered within the specified time limit and within the stipulated budget. Through the adoption of an integrated team of competent engineers, our company can guide projects in the planning, design, procurement, construction and operation stages. The project engineers, project control teams, safety staff and the company's executive director work together to implement all project delivery systems, which in turn contribute to quality assurance, cost control and timetables, provide problem-solving mechanisms, and deliver effective results at the administrative and operational level. Construction of many residential, commercial and industrial projects, and infrastructure projects. The company's extensive experience allows the adoption of flexible management methods to meet the diverse needs of the beneficiaries or customers through:


  • Construction management.
  • Project implementation and bidding strategies.
  • Determine the scope of work, tender documents and award criteria.
  • Review and evaluate tender documents, make recommendations and award contracts.
  • Setting the rules for delivering the project to the operators.